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My Year in Books: 2017

This year, reading was the best part of many of my days. I managed to blog only nine times, and two-thirds of those posts were about books/reading. Instagram feed? Full of books. Why? They offered a much-needed escape from this year's... interesting... realities. As such, I surpassed my reading goal by 8 books and enjoyed… Continue reading My Year in Books: 2017

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This Week in Books: All the Feels

This post contains Amazon Affiliate links. That means that if you click the book covers and make purchases through those links, I earn a small commission to support Take a Second Glantz. Not feeling well this weekend, I got a LOT of reading done. Silver linings and all that jazz. THEN It's incredibly unusual these… Continue reading This Week in Books: All the Feels

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An Afternoon with Jay Asher

People who know me on a surface level are always surprised to hear me say that I’m an introvert. But I am (I’ve just become adept at hiding it. Thanks, theatre!), and because of that, I’m not a fan of going to events without knowing that a friend will also be there. I have no… Continue reading An Afternoon with Jay Asher

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This Week in Books: My first five-star read of 2017

I never intended for this blog to be solely about books, but reading is pretty much all I've been doing outside of work and mommying. Cold, wet weather and time changes will do that. Then: Have you ever read a book that you liked soooo much you simultaneously wanted to see how it ends but… Continue reading This Week in Books: My first five-star read of 2017

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RIPPER launch & giveaway (updated with winner)

My friend, Amy Carol Reeves, is having an extra special Easter Sunday as today is also the official release day for her debut young adult novel, Ripper. (Congratulations, Amy!)A Jack-the-Ripper mystery with a paranormal twist that I never saw coming, Ripper is the beautifully written story of Arabella Sharp, a strong, independent young woman who is… Continue reading RIPPER launch & giveaway (updated with winner)