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Reading Roundup: What I Read in May

I somehow plowed through four books this month. While a few sleepless nights didn't hurt the cause,  May was full of page-turning winners! My top two reads are as follows: The Dollhouse By far the best book I've read thus far this year is The Dollhouse by Fiona Davis, the one title that was not… Continue reading Reading Roundup: What I Read in May

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2016: The Year of RELEASE

It's been two years since I've committed to One Little Word because the only word in my vocabulary during that time was "survive": survival of profound loss, survival of learning how to be a mom, and survival of all the "adulting" that went on in between. Although things finally feel like they're settling into a… Continue reading 2016: The Year of RELEASE


New Year’s Cards

Being a little behind the eight ball this year, we opted to do New Year's cards this holiday season. Now let's just hope I get them mailed before Valentine's Day... Happy New Memories New Year's CardClick here to browse Shutterfly's holiday card collection.View the entire collection of cards.


"Gratitude is the memory of the heart."

Ah, that Jean Baptiste Massieu guy had a way with words, didn't he?I interrupt my pointless ramblings, shameless bragging, and incessant drooling over fictional characters to give a moment of thanks.Meet my Grandma Lil.Yes, that adorable curly-headed child is me. {blush}This is one of my last memories of Grandma Lil before she began her almost-20-year-long… Continue reading "Gratitude is the memory of the heart."