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Breaking Dawn Mania! (a Twilight-inspired blog hop)

Anyone who knows me in the least, whether in real life or through this blog, knows that I'm slightly obsessed with this little thing called Twilight. Thankfully, I have friends who are just as obsessed and do fun things to celebrate their love of the saga, like have Twilight-inspired blog hops.If you're coming from Margie's fabulous blog,… Continue reading Breaking Dawn Mania! (a Twilight-inspired blog hop)

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Still Alive, Still Obsessed

I'm so sorry that I made some of you pee yourselves with my Chuckie story. Okay, not really. If it makes you feel better, your comments made me almost pee myself. Now, before any of you go feeling too sorry for my MIL, it should be noted that she, herself, is quite the prankster. Exhibit A: Last… Continue reading Still Alive, Still Obsessed

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WordFUL Wednesday: The Etsy Edition

Wordful Wednesday is sponsored by:Ever since I asked you guys about your expectations as a blog reader, I've been thinking about the reason I blog (more on that later), which led me to think about the reasons I do other things: write, scrapbook, list things on Etsy.This is the Etsy post.Growing up, I watched my… Continue reading WordFUL Wednesday: The Etsy Edition

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What do a vampire and a castaway have in common?

You knew it was coming. You knew it would be just a matter of time before I wrote this post. In fact, you're probably surprised that it took this long.Yet another vampire has captured my attention.I don't retract my earlier post. I still love Edward Cullen, but Edward inspires that innocent, First Love feeling. Eric… Continue reading What do a vampire and a castaway have in common?