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Top 12 of 2012

These 12 lovelies earned a Second Glantz from me in 2012.image sourceTV ShowDownton Abbey. Love the upstairs-meets-downstairs drama.MovieBreaking Dawn 2. Because the finale really WAS epic.Character, maleIron Man/Tony Stark from The Avengers had me laughing out loud this summer. And he's also kind of a bada$$.image sourceimage sourceimage sourceCharacter, femaleViolet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham.… Continue reading Top 12 of 2012

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Top 11 of 2011

These 11 goodies earned a Second Glantz from me in 2011.TVTrue Blood Season FourWitches, hot Scandinavian vampire nookie, and... well, need there be anything else beyond that? This season (minus the faeries) was AWE. SOME.image sourceMovieHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2Two words: Alan Rickman. Sorry, my fellow Twi-hards, Breaking Dawn was a blast to… Continue reading Top 11 of 2011

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#SummerBlogSocial: Waxing Philosophical

It has been so nice meeting new bloggy friends through this #SummerBlogSocial, as well as connecting with old bloggy friends that I haven't talked to nearly enough this summer. I'm looking forward to making (notice I didn't say "finding") time this weekend to travel the blogosphere and catch up with all of you.Thank you so… Continue reading #SummerBlogSocial: Waxing Philosophical

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Friday Five: New Obsessions

Sometimes I get obsessed with something and feel the need to share my crazy.These are a few of my latest addictions.1. GetGlueThis is probably the lamest addiction I've ever had,but you can't tweet/FB about unlocking stickers(*cough, cough,* Amanda, Jennifer, April)and expect the 6-year-old sticker-collecting whore inside meto refrain from at least checking it out.Stickers aside (though, let's face… Continue reading Friday Five: New Obsessions