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Where do we go from here?

In Belong Magazine's inaugural issue, Alissa Circle asks, "What is blogging anyways? Does anyone really even know what it is anymore?" I've been asking this question for the last year or so, along with the more confounding (to me) question, "Is anyone who doesn't have something to sell blogging these days? My first iteration of… Continue reading Where do we go from here?

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The Thing About Momentum

It sounds (it seemed at first) counterproductive, but sometimes it's necessary to stand completely still in order to continue forward momentum. I felt stuck - or even like I was going backward - but sometimes you need to stand still - pause and listen. Sometimes that means going to bed crazy early to reset both… Continue reading The Thing About Momentum

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A better me – part two

And now for the not-so-highly anticipated sequel to A better me - part one... To recap from last time, the seven questions our Rabbi posed during Yom Kippur are:Were you honest?Did you leave a legacy?Did you devote time to study?Did you have hope in your heart?Did you get your priorities straight?Did you enjoy your life on earth?And the… Continue reading A better me – part two

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Life: A Work in Progress

Five-year plans. I began making them at an early age, knowing exactly which courses I'd take my senior year in high school when I was still in eighth grade. My major was decided before I started college, and I was picking up brochures about graduate school during my freshman orientation. My mother would describe this… Continue reading Life: A Work in Progress