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Storytelling Sunday: My Preeeeciousss #1

(Sorry, I can't look at the word "precious" and NOT say it like Gollum.)Inspired by┬áCheri's post at Scrap Dreams, I found Sian's Storytelling Sunday and decided to make a layout for my Things We Love album about a collection that's precious to me. I'll eventually create the layout, but the memories flowing through my heart,… Continue reading Storytelling Sunday: My Preeeeciousss #1

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Dear June, I hope the door hits you on the way out. Hard.

My tweet from yesterday sums it up perfectly, "Looking forward to kicking June out on its butt and hopefully achieving more balance in July." June has been a mixed bag of the unexpected - some good, some bad, but all resulting in a month of chaos.Hi, my friends. Long time no talk. A month to… Continue reading Dear June, I hope the door hits you on the way out. Hard.

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An impromptu tribute

Filling out my 2010 Census today (there's nothing like waiting 'till the last minute), I approached the question about race. I paused, warm memories of Mrs. Overbay flooding the forefront of my mind.They have my phone number, I thought. And my address. They're going to call if I do it.Let them, I finally decided, checking… Continue reading An impromptu tribute