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Storytelling Sunday: My Preeeeciousss #1

(Sorry, I can't look at the word "precious" and NOT say it like Gollum.)Inspired by Cheri's post at Scrap Dreams, I found Sian's Storytelling Sunday and decided to make a layout for my Things We Love album about a collection that's precious to me. I'll eventually create the layout, but the memories flowing through my heart,… Continue reading Storytelling Sunday: My Preeeeciousss #1

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Thanksgiving #iPPP recap

Thanksgiving 2011 started as every other has since I was a kid - with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. I remember when I thought getting up at 9:00 to see the Broadway numbers was early; now, I find myself kvetching, When is it gonna start? It's getting late! (You know you're old when...)After the Rockettes finished… Continue reading Thanksgiving #iPPP recap