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Storytelling Sunday: My Preeeeciousss #1

(Sorry, I can't look at the word "precious" and NOT say it like Gollum.)Inspired by Cheri's post at Scrap Dreams, I found Sian's Storytelling Sunday and decided to make a layout for my Things We Love album about a collection that's precious to me. I'll eventually create the layout, but the memories flowing through my heart,… Continue reading Storytelling Sunday: My Preeeeciousss #1

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Another year older, another year more wonderful

We welcomed my most favorite season this year, as we often do, with the celebration of Hubby's birthday. This was a milestone year, but I was made to promise that I wouldn't make a big spectacle about it (read: no parties). I dutifully kept my word; however, I couldn't let the weekend go without a slightly big deal… Continue reading Another year older, another year more wonderful

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An unexpected answer

18-year-old Cheryl with Aunt Ruthie and cousin Ellen(along with Uncle Sam and cousins Ricky and Allen)At last night's Women's Passover Seder, the leader posed the question, "Which woman/women from your life had the biggest influence on you (Judaically speaking)?" The first participant spoke about her mother. Pondering the question for myself, my mind turned to… Continue reading An unexpected answer

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An impromptu tribute

Filling out my 2010 Census today (there's nothing like waiting 'till the last minute), I approached the question about race. I paused, warm memories of Mrs. Overbay flooding the forefront of my mind.They have my phone number, I thought. And my address. They're going to call if I do it.Let them, I finally decided, checking… Continue reading An impromptu tribute