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I’m surrounded by liars

Remember when I got off schedule two weeks ago for a really fun reason (and never blogged about it because I got off schedule last week for less fun reasons)? Here's that long-overdue explanation.Thursday, March 25The day started out like any other. Hubby went to work, or so I thought, and I was crazy busy with meetings… Continue reading I’m surrounded by liars

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Dear Neighbor

Hi Neighbor,We've never actually met. In fact, we probably couldn't pick each other out of a lineup. Still, I need to apologize for the man sniffing around your property today. It was the result of good intentions, I swear.As I was listening to my Twilight soundtrack and reading Wide Awake hard at work, I noticed… Continue reading Dear Neighbor

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Wordless Wednesday: Double Feature

Stacy Julian's Library of Memories class at Big Picture Scrapbooking starts again tomorrow...YAY! I took this class for the first time last year after reading Stacy's The Big Picture. It completely revolutionized the way I scrapbook, and I'm thrilled to take it again this year as an alumna. In addition to learning a system that… Continue reading Wordless Wednesday: Double Feature