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Wordless (NOT!) Wednesday: a tribute to online friends

photo by the lovely ColleenThis picture from girls' brunch in Jacksonville brings a big 'ole smile to my face. I'm in the bright blue (hi!).Pictured to my right is Jenny, a high school friend whom I grew closer to after high school, thanks in large part to the blogosphere. It had been at least a… Continue reading Wordless (NOT!) Wednesday: a tribute to online friends

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Giving thanks

Sometimes I think it's the not-so-great year (I'm looking at you, 2011) that deserves the most gratitude. There are always people and things for which to be grateful......for loved ones old and new, near and far...for loved ones gone but never forgotten...for health, both physical and mental...for a roof over our heads and food in our bellies...for… Continue reading Giving thanks

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Happiness is… (the Labor Day edition)

... catching up with an old friend and meeting an online friend for the first time.yours truly with Leigh and Stacie of Whimsical Fic-ery at the Decatur Book Festival... getting to meet an author you adore and having the opportunity to tell her that she's the reason some of your students became readers.crushing on Margaret Peterson… Continue reading Happiness is… (the Labor Day edition)