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The year of intention

Don't worry - you didn't sleep through the last six months of 2018. The ball hasn't dropped to usher in 2019 (though time is going so fast, I'm pretty sure it will feel like only the blink of an eye before it does!). But today does mark the beginning of a new Jewish year, and… Continue reading The year of intention

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The one where I cry "Do over!" and also learn a valuable lesson

image sourceEver have a week where you wish you could climb into a DeLorean, erase what happened, and have a do over? Such was my week. That blessed, glorious week where I was going to make sure that my "have to"s were not my only focus and that I allowed myself time for my "want… Continue reading The one where I cry "Do over!" and also learn a valuable lesson

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Rules, TV, and Comfort Zones (Friday Fragments)

New rules are hard to follow since old habits are hard to break. Today, I broke no less than five rules, but I did manage to stick to four of them, including allowing myself time to do what makes me happy (hello, blog!) and forcing myself out of the house tonight. Baby steps, I guess.My… Continue reading Rules, TV, and Comfort Zones (Friday Fragments)