On the eve of your third birthday

To my Beloved Bear…

On the eve of your third birthday, I’m overcome with emotions:

Wonder for the amazing little person you have become.

Gratitude for the privilege of being your mom.

A tinge of sadness that your independence means you need me less.

Guilt for all the meetings that shortened our playtime together, for all the hours I put on the TV because I needed some downtime. 

Fear that I haven’t been enough.

Grief that my baby is virtually gone, as are the days of rocking you to sleep.

Pride for the big boy you’re becoming.

Hope that you’ll always be as kind and big-hearted as you are today.

Love for who you’ve been, who you are, and whoever you may be.


This magic moment

Able to sit on your own –baby playing the piano
were you able to do that yesterday?
– you play with your toys,
carefully scrutinizing each one,
as though you’re looking at it for the first time.

Your tiny hands
have learned to play your toy piano.
With each note,
you grin with pride and glee.
You look up at me,
as if to say, “Are you watching, Mama?”

I smile back with words of praise
and you squeal in delight
as you play your next song.

I stop what I’m doing
and watch you play.
I forget the laundry that needs folding,
the dishes that need washing,
the growing list of “to dos”
that suddenly seem less important.
All of it can wait.
But this?
This magic moment is to be treasured.

I sit on the floor next to you,
and together we make music.

Thanks for Taking a Second Glantz!

The one where I (happily) become a cliché

First, I became a mom. And now I’m officially a “mommy blogger.” Cliché as that may be, I’m thrilled to share the first article I’ve published as a new contributing writer to Columbia SC Moms Blog:

sleepless nights

When I was in college, all-nighters were easy. A diet cola, rock ‘n’ roll blaring through the headphones of my portable CD player, and a can of tuna fish with a jar of pickles (I had weird cravings even before I was pregnant), and I was good to go well into the early morn. Once I graduated college, very few situations in my adult life warranted the all-nighter. There was the occasional deadline, but staying up ’round the clock pretty much became a thing of the past.

Until now.

Were you up in the middle of the night with an infant? You’re not alone! Sleep regressions have kept many a mama awake in the wee hours. Today on the blog, I share some strategies to make those wake-ups more manageable. 

A Tiny Glantz

Throughout the life of this blog, I have taken second “glantzes” (sometimes obsessively) at many different people — from the serious, such as my love, to the silly, like celebrity crushes. In the months I’ve been away from the blogosphere, I’ve found someone new. Someone who deserves more than just a second “glantz.” Someone I can’t take my eyes off of for more than a minute.

He is my son.

Yes, you read that correctly. (Don’t ever accuse me of not being able to keep a secret!)

Six months (plus a few days) ago, I fell in love with our little Thumper, as we lovingly nicknamed him in the womb, thanks to incessant kicking, which has yet to cease, and I continue to fall more in love with him each day.

My sweet boy, at six months of age…

You like to read – and eat! – books.

baby reading

You sing to the radio and talk to yourself and your toys.

You are a giggle monster, infecting others with your laugh.

baby at six months

You are tough as nails (for those of you who know us personally, no pun intended).

You wear clothes twice as big as your age.

You reach for the food on Mommy’s plate.

You try to text on Mommy’s phone (sometimes in a different language) and type on the computer.

baby texting

You like to dance to hits of the 90s.

You love, love, LOVE your jump-aroo, and I love watching you in it.

baby jumping

You are so excited to go to daycare everyday. You know when we’re running late, and you express your displeasure at it. You have people to see and new toys to try!

You have a great sense of adventure, approaching new places and people with curiosity and enthusiasm.

baby shopping

You enjoy blowing raspberries and giving open-mouth kisses.

You splash in the bathtub, delighted to soak your daddy.

You squeal when you get really excited.

You are cutting two bottom teeth.

You are obsessed with your feet. Surprisingly, so am I.

You have cartoon-like facial expressions, especially your frowny face.

baby staring

Sometimes I look at you and your Zayde, my daddy, is staring back at me.

Make no mistake: My heart now beats outside my chest.