On the eve of your third birthday

To my Beloved Bear... On the eve of your third birthday, I'm overcome with emotions: Wonder for the amazing little person you have become. Gratitude for the privilege of being your mom. A tinge of sadness that your independence means you need me less. Guilt for all the meetings that shortened our playtime together, for… Continue reading On the eve of your third birthday

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These Magic Moments

His tiny hand in mine as we walk toward the car Snippets of his day shared on the drive home Excitement over seeing things I no longer notice Wet, sloppy kisses and Round-the-neck hugs Little sayings that are so uniquely him A smile that lights up the room Belly laughter so contagious Moments I never… Continue reading These Magic Moments

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The one where I (happily) become a cliché

First, I became a mom. And now I'm officially a "mommy blogger." Cliché as that may be, I'm thrilled to share the first article I've published as a new contributing writer to Columbia SC Moms Blog: When I was in college, all-nighters were easy. A diet cola, rock ‘n’ roll blaring through the headphones of my… Continue reading The one where I (happily) become a cliché