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A day late and a dollar short (Friday Fragments)

Somehow Friday came and went without my realizing it. Thus the late edition of Friday Fragments.It took almost two weeks, but the hole in the ceiling is finally no more. It's far from perfect (ok, that's putting it mildly; you'd have to be Stevie Wonder to not see the patch), but it's DONE.I realized this… Continue reading A day late and a dollar short (Friday Fragments)

Friday Fragments

It’s just another random Friday (Friday Fragments)

It's just another random Friday... wish it were Saturday... that's my fun day... (yes, I'll stop now)So this happened this week:There's a hole in the ceiling, dear Liza, dear Liza...All this is thanks to a backed-up garbage disposal in the apartment upstairs.Our ceiling is supposed to be completely patched up by the end of today,which is… Continue reading It’s just another random Friday (Friday Fragments)

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Rules, TV, and Comfort Zones (Friday Fragments)

New rules are hard to follow since old habits are hard to break. Today, I broke no less than five rules, but I did manage to stick to four of them, including allowing myself time to do what makes me happy (hello, blog!) and forcing myself out of the house tonight. Baby steps, I guess.My… Continue reading Rules, TV, and Comfort Zones (Friday Fragments)