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Friday Five: New Obsessions

Sometimes I get obsessed with something and feel the need to share my crazy.These are a few of my latest addictions.1. GetGlueThis is probably the lamest addiction I've ever had,but you can't tweet/FB about unlocking stickers(*cough, cough,* Amanda, Jennifer, April)and expect the 6-year-old sticker-collecting whore inside meto refrain from at least checking it out.Stickers aside (though, let's face… Continue reading Friday Five: New Obsessions

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These are a few of my fave Cola things

Today marks our one-month anniversary of living in "Cola." To commemorate the occasion, I thought I'd pay homage to a few of my favorite things that I couldn't enjoy back in Johnstown.Ah, sweet tea. When you say it down here, they bring you a nice, cold, wonderful beverage that I would swim in if I… Continue reading These are a few of my fave Cola things