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Trying AIP: What I Learned in May

When a good friend of mine was diagnosed with a disease of the gut and had to go on an everything-free diet, I thought (okay, maybe I said aloud), "I would DIE if I couldn't eat what I wanted." You can take the girl out of drama, but you can't take the drama queen out… Continue reading Trying AIP: What I Learned in May

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Once in a lifetime

Thanksgivukkah was a gastronomic mashup of epic proportions and portions.A dreidel spinning during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade+ Thanksgiving nametags on menorahs as place settings+ sweet potato latkes and cranberry applesauce+ turkey AND brisket+ pumpkin spice sufganiyot (doughnuts)+ a cornucopia of gelt and dreidels= EPIC holiday mashup!Here are a few "pinteresting" recipes that were among… Continue reading Once in a lifetime

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It’s beginning to look a lot like…

...Thanksgivukkah!Never before and never again in this lifetime will there be a holiday mashup quite as awesome as what's in store tomorrow: Thanksgivukkah. The Pilgrims and the Maccabees, both champions of religious freedom, will share a day tomorrow, which they won't do again for another 70,000 years:"This year, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah will overlap, producing an… Continue reading It’s beginning to look a lot like…

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A day late and a dollar short (Friday Fragments)

Somehow Friday came and went without my realizing it. Thus the late edition of Friday Fragments.It took almost two weeks, but the hole in the ceiling is finally no more. It's far from perfect (ok, that's putting it mildly; you'd have to be Stevie Wonder to not see the patch), but it's DONE.I realized this… Continue reading A day late and a dollar short (Friday Fragments)

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Friday Five: New Obsessions

Sometimes I get obsessed with something and feel the need to share my crazy.These are a few of my latest addictions.1. GetGlueThis is probably the lamest addiction I've ever had,but you can't tweet/FB about unlocking stickers(*cough, cough,* Amanda, Jennifer, April)and expect the 6-year-old sticker-collecting whore inside meto refrain from at least checking it out.Stickers aside (though, let's face… Continue reading Friday Five: New Obsessions

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These are a few of my fave Cola things

Today marks our one-month anniversary of living in "Cola." To commemorate the occasion, I thought I'd pay homage to a few of my favorite things that I couldn't enjoy back in Johnstown.Ah, sweet tea. When you say it down here, they bring you a nice, cold, wonderful beverage that I would swim in if I… Continue reading These are a few of my fave Cola things