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FALLing in Love Friday: Knitting

This fall, I've decided to dedicate Friday blog posts to things I'm falling in love with, aka my current obsessions.I started knitting back in 2009, thanks to my friend Heather, who was patient enough to teach me enough to get myself in trouble with yarn. Over the course of the next year, I knitted several… Continue reading FALLing in Love Friday: Knitting

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Take-the-Cake Tuesday: Hubby Nails the Art of Faux Stained Glass

There are many things about my husband the average person doesn't know. Like how he makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches. Or how he converses with the cat when he doesn't think I'm listening. Or that he could totally win Craft Wars.Why do I think he could win Craft Wars? Not because he's the best… Continue reading Take-the-Cake Tuesday: Hubby Nails the Art of Faux Stained Glass

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Take-the-Cake Tuesday: Crafty Comrades

Welcome to a new weekly feature at Take a Second Glantz!Every Tuesday, I'll celebrate a few(ish) things that really take the cake.It's no secret that I have a lot of crafty comrades. Today's episode of TtC Tuesday celebrates some of their handiwork.Laurie made an awesome wreath to celebrate the Fourth of July. I'm not a… Continue reading Take-the-Cake Tuesday: Crafty Comrades

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WordFUL Wednesday: The Etsy Edition

Wordful Wednesday is sponsored by:Ever since I asked you guys about your expectations as a blog reader, I've been thinking about the reason I blog (more on that later), which led me to think about the reasons I do other things: write, scrapbook, list things on Etsy.This is the Etsy post.Growing up, I watched my… Continue reading WordFUL Wednesday: The Etsy Edition