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Friday Five: New Obsessions

Sometimes I get obsessed with something and feel the need to share my crazy.These are a few of my latest addictions.1. GetGlueThis is probably the lamest addiction I've ever had,but you can't tweet/FB about unlocking stickers(*cough, cough,* Amanda, Jennifer, April)and expect the 6-year-old sticker-collecting whore inside meto refrain from at least checking it out.Stickers aside (though, let's face… Continue reading Friday Five: New Obsessions

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Still Alive, Still Obsessed

I'm so sorry that I made some of you pee yourselves with my Chuckie story. Okay, not really. If it makes you feel better, your comments made me almost pee myself. Now, before any of you go feeling too sorry for my MIL, it should be noted that she, herself, is quite the prankster. Exhibit A: Last… Continue reading Still Alive, Still Obsessed