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Expectations vs. Reality in the Age of Coronavirus

We have been isolating since March 16th. This is the end of our sixth week working from home, learning from home, relying on others to deliver essential (and let’s be real, non-essential) supplies, and being on Zoom and Marco Polo more hours than we’re sleeping. This is the Age of Coronavirus Isolation, and I don’t think any of us truly realized what isolating through a pandemic would actually look like.

isolation during COVID-19, what I thought it would look like, what my husband thought it would look like, what my kid thought it would look like, what it actually looks like


Inspired by Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop

List expectations vs. reality when it comes to the Stay Home orders during this pandemic.


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4 thoughts on “Expectations vs. Reality in the Age of Coronavirus”

  1. We’ve been in,somewhat modified, isolation since March 21st. At first, trips to the market were normal but, as mandated guidelines set-in with mask-wearing and safe distancing, a shopping trip has now become almost a run for survival.

    I think everyone’s visions of what living through this pandemic would be like… changed drastically after the first week or two. Regardless, I think we all share the same determination and we will get through this!

    Stay safe!


  2. Cute. Experts on the immune system say what we’re doing with social distancing is potentially harming our kids immunity systems. So there’s that.Studies of some communities have shown high numbers of people with Covid antibodies in their blood who have never been sick–so resistance is better then predicted. So there’s that. I saw my neighbor heading out for a walk around the neighborhood for exercise—wearing a mask. That’s like driving alone in your car. My other neighbor said people might stop wearing them soon. I said, “nope, this sort of crazy is probably going to go on all summer, people are so freaked out.” (I, by the way, only wore a mask to the Air Force Base commissary because it was required. But no requirements to wear them at Publix or Walmart.)


  3. I’m not sure what I thought it would be like when it started (I can’t remember that far back!) but I do know that I never thought it would last this long with no end in sight. Mask-wearing in grocery stores is mandated here and there are arrows on the floor, so each aisle can only be shopped in one direction. Makes things confusing and I keep forgetting stuff. I’m ready for it to be over!


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