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It’s time to end the silence

I vividly remember sitting in the car with a sweet, younger friend of mine in high school. She revealed something horrific that happened to her. As the shock wore off, I found myself questioning my long-held belief that everything happens for a reason. Reading my mind, my friend said something to me that has stuck for over 20 years: She hoped if she had to go through this horrible thing that she’s able to help someone else in the future as a result of it. Wow. I am still in awe of her as I think back to that conversation.

It’s because of this wise friend of mine and her amazing attitude that I try really hard when reflecting upon a difficult time to think about how my experience might help someone else. So when March rolled around this year, I knew it was time to end the silence.

For years, whenever Endometriosis Awareness Month came along, I’d think about my frustrating experience and how sharing it might be helpful to another woman. But I never found my voice to talk about this most personal journey. Until now.

I’d love for you to “Take a Glantz” at my article for Columbia SC Moms Blog and help me raise awareness for this invisible illness that affects 176 million women.

Living with Endometriosis

It only happens once a month.”

“That’s just part of being a girl.”

“Stop being so dramatic. It’s not like you’re dying.”

This is just some of what I heard as a teenage girl and then a young woman.

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