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The Thing About Momentum

It sounds (it seemed at first) counterproductive, but sometimes it’s necessary to stand completely still in order to continue forward momentum.

I felt stuck – or even like I was going backward – but sometimes you need to stand still – pause and listen.
Sometimes that means going to bed crazy early to reset both your mind and body.
Sometimes it means losing yourself in a book to block out the overwhelming voices telling you that you’re not far enough or you’re not good enough.
Sometimes it’s sitting on the couch watching TV with someone you love because momentum shouldn’t mean trampling over the relationships that support you.

It’s in those still moments when we learn the most about ourselves.
What we value.
What we want.
Where we belong.
Where and how to move forward.

yoga, being still

Sometimes momentum is small, so small we don’t see it until we look back at where we started.
And sometimes, we will take steps back – that’s OK.
Sometimes it means putting one foot in front of the other in a different direction than we originally set out on.
And sometimes it means gently applying the breaks, and being completely still.


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