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My Year in Books: 2017

This year, reading was the best part of many of my days. I managed to blog only nine times, and two-thirds of those posts were about books/reading. Instagram feed? Full of books. Why? They offered a much-needed escape from this year’s… interesting… realities.

As such, I surpassed my reading goal by 8 books and enjoyed a nice mixture of historical fiction, realistic fiction, science-fiction/fantasy, thrillers, romances, and humorous titles.

By the numbers:

10 Fiction
14 Young Adult
8 Non-Fiction/Menoir

And there are 5 additional books that I started this year and are still in various stages of “currently reading.”

Books Read in 2017

Of the 32 books I read, one-fourth were five-star favorites:

Five-Star Books of 2017

I previously wrote about the hilarity of Denton Little’s Death Date, the moving relationships in What Light, and the book hangover I had after reading The Problem with Forever; so I’m not going to rehash those here (though I could talk about Denton Little and his life for days on end).

Fiona Davis, the author of The Address and The Dollhouse, two of the three historical fiction titles I read, was my favorite author of the year. I was completely immersed in her books’ settings; the famous buildings that the stories center around are characters in their own right, and I found myself devouring articles about them once I had finished reading the novels.

The third historical fiction title I read was Alex & Eliza about, yes, the courtship of Alexander and Eliza Hamilton. Though great creative license was taken, the author captured the essence of the incredible love the two shared, as is evident through the real letters written to each other.

Dark Matter will mess with your mind like few other books have. I found myself thinking about the book for days after and needed a little bit of time to get over this particular book hangover before starting a new title.

Finally, The Light We Lost is a beautiful tear-jerker that will make you think about timing, priorities, and love that never dies.

I can’t wait to see what worlds and characters I get to experience through the pages of books in 2018! Happy reading!

What did YOUR year of reading look like? Share your favorite reads in the comments!


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