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The best part of my day

I love hearing the happy sounds of my child stirring after a good night’s sleep. I love feeling his arms around my neck and his head on my shoulder as I breathe in his scent after almost 12 hours apart. I love his smile when he sees me sneak into his classroom at the end of the day, his running leap into my arms, excited to see each other after a long day at school and an even longer day at work. I love the happy chatter in the car on the way home and his increasingly animated tales about what happened (at least in his mind) at school.

I love when my husband comes home from work and all three of us sit around the table for dinner. I love my first sip of wine for the evening. I love relaxing with my husband after the kiddo has gone to bed.

The best part of my day, though, is when I can finally curl up in bed with my book.

reading before bed

No story can be as entertaining as my child. No fictional hero as wonderful as my husband. But reading before bed means I did it. I made it through another day. No matter what that day was like, I’ve made it to the final level of the game and I can finally escape into whatever other world is waiting for me.

Sometimes it lasts only five minutes (before I fall asleep and drool on the pages). Sometimes it lasts for hours (the silver lining of insomnia). But no matter how short or long the time is, it’s all mine.

Mama’s Losin’ It

Writing Prompt: 1. The best part of my day is…

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