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A Glantz Back – Part 2

I’m joining up with Shell, who is co-hosting a year-in-review extravaganza, to “Glantz” back at this year’s highlights and fill in some of the gaps. You can read Part 1 here.

It was four months into the year before I really started practicing my one little word of 2013. I attempted to achieve more balance by relaxing at night with a good read (and an even better reading buddy).

I cheered on my friend Amy, as she launched the second book of her Ripper series.
I busted my tush helping to publicize a community event and made my Israeli dancing debut in the festival. I was in such a good mood that I even posed with Cocky without displaying Gator shenanigans.

I began the month spending one week doing what I love.
Religious School ending for summer break, there were Sunday bubbly brunches with girlfriends.

I discovered that being the Communications Director of a small congregation sometimes means fixing a cake. It should be noted that this is the before picture.

Hubby and I enjoyed summer date nights and nights out with friends. Of course, I had to brag about this win on Instagram.

After 21 years of abstinence, I started eating meat again. This was my favorite foray to being a carnivore again.

Hubby and I enjoyed our final Bat Mitzvah party of the year. There were NINE of them, which is still less than the FOURTEEN we attended the year prior.

One of the many perks of my job is having a beautiful sanctuary (both literal and figurative) in which to quiet my soul. It’s a perk I took advantage of many times throughout the month.

There was spring cleaning (a few months late) at home.
And there was the Never-ending Office Remodel of 2013 at work (the remnants of which still linger in December).
Sunday nights were spent relaxing, curled up with one of my favorite vamps.

I ended the month by redefining balance, looking forward to a diverse second half of the year.

Emmy Mom

2 thoughts on “A Glantz Back – Part 2”

  1. I almost didn't even see your cat in the first picture at first, matches with your bedding perfectly.
    14 Bar Mitzvah's last year, wow! That would keep you busy. So curious why did you not eat meat for so many years then start eating it again? I have to admit I love love a big juicy burger.
    Thanks so much for recapping again.


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