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10 Things: Fall TV

The countdown to Fall TV around here is like some people’s countdown to the Super Bowl. I rip out Entertainment Weekly’s guide and set my DVR in anticipation of shows both old and new. These are my top 10 this season:

1. The Blacklist
This is seriously the best new show on TV. James Spader is captivating, as always, and the twists and turns provide an enjoyable spell of whiplash each week, which always has me counting down the days until the next episode.

2. The Good Wife

Consistently good since Day 1, this show never misses a beat. It is arguably one of the best written dramas of the new millennium.

3. Hostages
Toni Collette is brilliant in everything she does (United States of Tara, anyone?), and this new drama is no exception.

4. Survivor: Blood vs. Water
I’ve watched Survivor since the beginning, and I have to admit that I was starting to get more than a tad bored with the series. This season, though, provides the perfect twist to make the game interesting again. Watching mother & daughter, husband & wife, and brother & brother pitted against each other is so wrong, yet so entertaining!

5. Sleepy Hallow
Cops + a dreamy soldier from the Revolutionary War + supernatural mysteries. Need I say more?

6. Face Off
Being a huge theatre nerd, I love anything and everything costumes and make-up. While the execution is amazing, the contestants’ imaginations are what causes the awe I feel during every episode.

7. The Crazy Ones
If you’ve been around my blog for a while, you know that I’m a huge Buffy fan and thus love Sarah Michelle Gellar (though it should be noted that I loved her well before that when she played Kendall in All My Children). She was my draw to this new comedy, which I have found to be delightfully light and fluffy. It’s my feel-good show in the midst of all the drama and competition I watch.

8. New Girl
Who doesn’t want to live with the New Girl gang? Yes, they’re neurotic, but they’re also ridiculously funny and (mostly) sweet.

9. Parks & Recreation
I would watch Amy Pohler staring at the wall for half an hour. Seriously. Her cast-mates are equally funny, and Leslie x Ben (Benlie? Len?) are one of the cutest couples on TV.

10. Two Broke Girls
Max’s biting jokes always put a smile on my face, and I love seeing the story of two young friends trying to make their dream of opening a cupcake shop a reality.

10.5 Halloween Wars
(This is legit a half because it’s a four-part “mini-series” as opposed to a full-season show.) Pumpkin carving, cake sculpting, and sugar blowing/pulling/bending to create cah-razy Halloween-themed characters and scenes is the perfect way to get in the holiday mood.

What fall shows are you crushing on this season?

*All images were taken from show/network websites.

3 thoughts on “10 Things: Fall TV”

  1. The only place our lists cross is “Face Off”. Love it! My other faves are Revolution, Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory, Chicago Fire. Used to be a huge CSI fan, but I've fallen out of love. I'm starting to get the humor of “Modern Family” since Jay loves it and he is pretty much in control of the remote. Honestly, if you disconnected cable and threw the TV out the window, I wouldn't really notice.


  2. I cannot get into Sleepy Hollow even though the main character is a dream. I'm not giving up on it yet.
    You're a survivor super fan too?!! I LOVE it. I wish that I was American so I could apply to be on it.


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