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Another year older, another year more wonderful

We welcomed my most favorite season this year, as we often do, with the celebration of Hubby’s birthday. This was a milestone year, but I was made to promise that I wouldn’t make a big spectacle about it (read: no parties). I dutifully kept my word; however, I couldn’t let the weekend go without a slightly big deal about this wonderful guy.

The weekend started with a visit from my father-in-law, which allowed Hubby to cross an item off his bucket list: Drive a BMW.

I organized a few family members to go in for one “big” gift this year. As if there were any doubt where Hubby’s college loyalty lies, his new desk chair responds in style.
My main gift this year was a labor of love. Being married to an introvert, I understood the “no party” rule (as for me, I’m going to be swinging from the chandelier on this milestone birthday), but I thought that unfairly excluded the people who love and wanted to celebrate their son, brother, nephew, cousin, or friend. So I reached out to everyone that would have partied with us (this included only family and friends who already knew it was Hubby’s birthday, thereby not breaching any “Don’t let anyone at work know when my birthday is” rules) and asked them to email me with letters, stories, memories, pictures – anything they wanted to contribute to let Hubby know how special he is to them.
Adding Facebook stalking and computer contact-book hacking to my list of skills, I emailed as many friends and family members as I could find. For several weeks, I emailed back and forth with a great cast of characters – some who I know and some whom I only know of – from Hubby’s life, as I laughed and sniffed at their outpouring of love.
Using a random day off from work (thank goodness Sukkot fell before Hubby’s birthday!) I enjoyed a ten-hour scrapbooking marathon to compile all the wonderful contributions received. Based on the reaction I got the morning Hubby opened his scrapbook, I fear it may be hard to ever top this present.

After enjoying everyone’s stories and memories a second time, through Hubby’s eyes, we went to see the Wizard (of Oz, that is) in 3D. (At least the glasses hid the tears I shed upon seeing Judy Garland sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” seemingly right in front of me.)

We ended the special birthday weekend as one always should – with cake. 

Happy birthday, babe! I’m so glad I get to spend your next _0 years and beyond with you.


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