good times, iPPP

A happy balance (#iPPP)

Just a few happy moments that helped me redefine balance over the past few months…

There was so much reading!

Surprise, surprise, there was a lot of eating.
I promise I didn’t eat ALL the sushi on this platter.
Just the pieces with the yellow sauce on top.

I finally learned how to “fancy” tie scarfs…
just in time for the heatwave.

I also learned how to Israeli dance and even performed at a community-wide festival.
Unfortunately the only picture I have from this day is with Cocky *eye roll*,
but get a load of those awesome yellow flats I picked up for $4!

There was a lot of time with Hubby…
eating a lot of soft service ice cream.

There were plenty of snuggles with this sweet girl.

And there were bubbly drinks at brunches with friends.

The air conditioning went out in our apartment just as it started getting hot.
It took a few days to fix, but the end result was worth the wait.

I discovered that being the Communications Director of a congregation sometimes means fixing a cake.
It should be noted that this is the BEFORE pic.

Bowling night ended in a win for this C. It was totally worth the swollen knee I had in the morning!

I started eating meat after 21 years of abstinence.
This was my favorite foray to being a carnivore again.

We enjoyed our final Bat Mitzvah party of the year.

After living in this apartment for two years, we finally hung curtains in the bedroom.

I got my first, long-awaited pedicure of the season.
Nothing says summer to me like blue.

I tackled the mess that was our supply closet at work.
Totally conquered it!
If only I could find that same motivation at home…

…like hubby did,
which resulted in Mimi vs. SpotBot.

Confession: I started watching Full House while I eat breakfast because it’s cheerier than the news.

Many days, I enjoyed a beautiful view while quieting my soul.

Sunday nights are now spent curled up with one of my favorite vamps.

I’m so glad that blogging is part of my balance again right now because I really missed you all!


7 thoughts on “A happy balance (#iPPP)”

  1. So many things to say about this! I want sushi, ohmygoodness. And ice cream! And cake and bubbly drinks. And I love your scarf and pedicure! Can I just come live with you for a while?!


  2. I love blue toe nails, I have on purple now. Looks like a great relaxing week. I need to have a bowl of ice-cream or bubbly once a week to give me a the balance I need.
    Thanks for connecting today and your sweet comment.


  3. Nice to see you blogging again. I too am finding it hard to balance chores/daily life with things I want to do lol (blogging being one of them).I just recently did my nails green, but I think I may have to redo them heh. You're right. Blue is summery.


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