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One week of doing what I love

At the end of March, someone reminded me that when life is at its craziest, that’s when it’s most important to carve time out for yourself. And that’s when I decided to sign up for May’s LOAD (Layout a Day) Challenge. I was not under any false pretense that I would actually produce a layout every single day this month; however, I knew that by signing up, by scrapping “with” friends virtually, by being inspired and encouraged by others challenging themselves to achieve the same goal, I’d undoubtedly scrapbook more than I otherwise would this month (especially since the last time I scrapbooked was in 2012). The layouts are admittedly not always my best work, but I’ve come to realize that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I have finally documented some of life’s stories that had not previously been scrapped and may never have wound up in an album had it not been for participating in this challenge.

The prompt for Day 1 was “Mrs. White in the House.”
Our cat, Mimi, with fur as white as snow, immediately came to mind.

I think this is my favorite layout to date.
Seeing this picture scrapped makes me want to scrap a “through the years”
layout of the many pictures of the three of us.

Most inventive to date, I took a stock photo of a nook color
and turned it into my background paper.
Looking at my Instagram feed, I was amazed at how many nook photos I had
and realized this was a love that needed to be documented.
Best of all, when we’re reading on some crazy new device years into the future,
we can remember what our exciting new technology looked like in the early 2000s.
The prompt for Day 4 was greed. Wanting to be a little more greedy with my time
this summer, and combining the prompt with Tami Morrison’s challenge for
National Scrapbooking Day, I created a summer bucket list.
Once I’ve completed the list, I’ll document the pictures on an opposing page.
Off prompt again for Day 5, I finally documented the non-traditional Thanksgiving
tradition that my husband and I have been enjoying for the past three years.
I happened to be going through photos from earlier in the year
and knew I wanted to document this story before it got lost in the cobwebs of my brain.
Using a photo from my husband’s Facebook feed that I just HAD to scrapbook,
I finally completed an assignment from an online class I’m currently enrolled in
(and miserably behind in).

2 thoughts on “One week of doing what I love”

  1. I enjoyed catching up with your layouts as a Flickr Friend! And I'm loving the push LOAD gives me to get something done every day – whether it's a quick and done paper layout, a seriously artsy one, or a digi one… I enjoy them all! Use your LOAD requirements to catch up with C&S – I'm LOVING that class. I'm planning to use last week's assignment to create a Project Life style layout (I have the page protectors) instead of the handmade pockets that Cathy had in mind – that's just too involved for me!


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