Currently in April

Currently is a weekly journaling challenge created by Kristin from rukristin papercrafts
Color Edition Currently Cards are designed by Kristin and embellished a little by moi.

I first learned about this challenge from Sarabeth (who has created a cool spin on the challenge for book lovers) earlier this year. While I don’t think I’ll keep up with the challenge on a weekly basis, I’d like to incorporate it at least once a month into both my blog and my Project Life album. What are you doing currently?


One thought on “Currently in April

  1. Currently I'm reading blogs! Yesterday I spent a fabulous day out with a friend. Went to the Japanese Cherry Blossom festival in Fairmount Park and then to the wxpn music film festival and saw a fantastic documentary film about back-up singers. And were treated to a little music afterwards from two of the ladies in the film – Lisa Fischer and Darlene Love. so cool!


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