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No Idle Hands Here!

Well, so much for getting back in the blogging groove… I did, however, get back into a crafty groove in the last few months.

I finally applied my beading skills to try my hand at jewelry making, crafting a Gator-themed bracelet for my SIL’s birthday.

It took several tries to get the clasp right, but it was a good learning experience, and I was happy with the end result.

Next it was time to get my craft on for my friend’s monkey-themed baby shower. First up was my novice attempt at making a diaper cake. Not to brag, but I think my first try came out looking great (thank you, Pinterest!).

In keeping with the theme, I also made thank-you cards for the new mom so that she didn’t have to worry about buying them in between feedings.

Finally, on to the kitchen, where I made edible dreidels for Chanukah and pretzel buttons for Christmas.

Push half a pretzel stick through the top of a marshmallow.
Roll the marshmallow in melted chocolate.
Use the melted chocolate to “glue” a Hershey Hug to the bottom of the marshmallow.
Decorate with Hebrew letters, edible glitter, or anything else your heart desires. 
The Star of David treats were modified from this recipe.
Place a candy melt in the middle of each butter snap pretzel.
Place into a WARM (not hot) oven.
Once melted, add sprinkles. 

These last few months have been crazy busy, but making time to create goodies for friends reminded me of how important it is for me to include crafting as a more regular activity in my life. If I’ve learned only one thing this year it’s that taking time to do what makes me happy – from reading to crafting – is even more important during those periods of life when it seems as though I have no time to do so.

I hope you all had wonderful holidays full of things that make you happy!

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