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I’m back, back in the "normal" groove

Eight weeks in the life of moi…
Week 1: Back in the Deadline Groove
Between things picking up at work
and my oh-so-brilliant decision to take on more freelance work,
the majority of the past eight weeks have been ruled by deadlines. I did still find a little time for fun, though…
Weeks 2-4: Back in the Travel Groove
First up was Keystone, FL for a family reunion.
Since moving away,
this has become my new favorite sign.
Treaty Oak
Sporting my #teamlochte shirt
wherever I went!
And keeping up with his races.
Spending time with family.
How gorgeous are my nieces?!

And catching up with longtime friends.
Then a quick jaunt to Charleston to see a dear college friend.
Twelve hours later, I was back in the car on my way to NYC for a little fun.
Visiting my 96-year-young spitfire Gram.
Shopping among the Orthodox in Flushing (Queens).
Driving in NYC for my very first time…
…and living to brag about it (a LOT).
Next stop was New Jersey to present at a conference.
More first-time driving:
through the Lincoln Tunnel.
Back to dorm living!
Needing a good pinch, I had trouble believing
that this small-town girl grew up to
co-lead a session at a Jewish Education Conference.
Weeks 5-6: Back in the Cola Groove
Home sweet home! But being home also meant being back in the deadline groove yet again, which Mimi did not appreciate.
If I lay on your computer,
you can’t use it, right?

Week 7: Back in the Family Groove
Labor Day weekend in Atlanta included a relaxing afternoon with my MIL at the Decatur Book Festival and more fun with my girlies. 
Week 8: Back in the Teaching Groove
Though it felt as though summer had just started, Religious School started back in session.
Now: Back in the Normal Groove
Now, thanks to a wonderful job-related change (which I’ll tell you about later because I’m cruel like that), there are more evenings that look like this.
We’ll pretend this was dinner for two.
And more weekends that look like this.
Yep, still obsessed with Words with Friends.
Game Face
I think I can get used to the normal groove.
(PS. I’m looking forward to getting back in the blogging groove soon – I’ve missed you all!)

8 thoughts on “I’m back, back in the "normal" groove”

  1. First of all, just thinking about driving in NYC gives me hives! Yikes!! You definitely earned bragging rights there. How cute are you and your grandma? Seriously. This all sounds like a whirlwind….glad you're back!


  2. First things first ~ Go Gators! They are looking good this year. Woo. And driving in NYC? You should feel very empowered. I'm petrified at the thought of taking a cab. Good luck meeting those deadlines.


  3. Visiting for the first time from #iPPP…what great photos – they really capture what you've been up to and I just love the one of you and your Gram – 96 and looking so cute in her hat and pearls..Impressive!


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