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A day late and a dollar short (Friday Fragments)

Somehow Friday came and went without my realizing it. Thus the late edition of Friday Fragments.
  • It took almost two weeks, but the hole in the ceiling is finally no more. It’s far from perfect (ok, that’s putting it mildly; you’d have to be Stevie Wonder to not see the patch), but it’s DONE.
  • I realized this week that I used to be a good speller. And then I became a teacher. Seriously, I was real competition in the school-wide spelling bee, but now, thanks to years of reading misspelled words, I excitedly submit words in Words with Friends only to find out that they’re spelled incorrectly. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
  • Joan Rivers was HY.STER.I.CAL! At 78 years old, she has more energy than I have at more than half her age. She was in constant motion, pacing the stage, climbing on chairs, and rolling on the floor. She was wonderfully raunchy and managed to offend every cultural/ethnic/social group in the room (I have mad respect for equal-opportunity offenders). It was an absolute treat to see such a legend in person.
Because Joan was so sparkly, we couldn’t capture her presence on camera,
but we did document our pre-show dinner date.

Don’t judge my lack of plating skills.
Or my mismatched dishes.

  • Hubby has been enjoying his new window creation and got to show it off to his mom during her visit this week (she, of course, was a fan; she has great taste).
  • Also this week, I fell in love with a new-to-me YA hero, Daemon of the Lux series. Thanks for enabling my fangirl obsessions, Margie!
image source

  • Speaking of obsession, I leave you now (before I’m two days late) with some (more) beautiful eye – and ear (love his voice) – candy (six days and counting!).

I hope your weekend is off to a great start and that it continues to be fabulous!

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6 thoughts on “A day late and a dollar short (Friday Fragments)”

  1. Yeah, I think I would have been seething if I had to wait two weeks for my ceiling to get fixed. You are far more patient then I am ^_^.
    You post has made me hungry and thirsty heh. Glad you had such a good time seeing Joan Rivers!


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