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Chef Cheryl is back in the house (#iPPP)

In my late 20s I found that I had a small love of cooking – not a big one, mind you. You wouldn’t see me in the kitchen for five hours preparing a gourmet meal, but making a dish that would gather people around the table and make them “mmm” was surprisingly satisfying to me. After marriage, I liked cooking even more, now that my mismatched college collection of dishes was gone and I had real pots and pans and gadgets with which to play, now that my dollhouse-sized kitchen grew into a real kitchen. Like any good Jewish woman, I’d make army-sized portions, even when it was just the two of us at the table (which we only ate at during the first year of marriage; now we eat at the coffee table). I would pour over cookbooks and magazines, was always eager to try something new, and got a thrill making an edible concoction out of nothing (I would have been a great Depression-era cook).

Then we moved into an apartment, back into a kitchen the size of a shoebox, and my love of cooking started to dwindle. Add to that the fact that I had begun working outside the home again, and the microwave became my most frequently used cooking appliance. Our pantry was bare, but boy was our freezer full!

This non-cooking phase has lasted an embarrassingly long time, but thanks to my recent obsessions with Pinterest and MasterChef, the longing to cook has come back. “So domestic,” I again became in the kitchen this week, with homemade egg salad, fried rice, tuna croquettes, and crockpot ranch potatoes.

I didn’t realize until posting these that I made all boring colored food this week. Hmph.
I’m not the only one who Instagrams (has that become a verb yet?) what she eats, right?

A MasterChef, I’ll never be (I’m lucky when I don’t ruin spaghetti). But as someone who lives to eat, I’m thankful my apron is finally finding its way back around my neck.


9 thoughts on “Chef Cheryl is back in the house (#iPPP)”

  1. Those look delish, and I love how you described your transitions.

    I may have been almost in tears last night, nearly running a pot of spaghetti. I'm not proud…i usually do better than that!!


  2. You would think a stay at home mom would be the epitome of domestication hehe, but I'm just as guilty as you've been with the microwave as my #1 means of cooking.
    This post has semi-inspired (because I'm still a horrible cook lol) me to make something new and maybe dust(yes…dust) off my crockpot. So Thanx and btw the food looks yummy ^_^.


  3. Cooking is so much fun…but it's so much work. I guess if you really love it, it's not work. And I really think it is the time involved to make something from scratch. Though I have been trying more this summer with such great things available from my garden. Keep cooking…


  4. Awesome! I, too, have been inspired by Pinterest to cook some new dishes. When we went camping last weekend, I made cilantro lime chicken tacos that were delicious. Made two other flops, though; I might need to make a “Recipe Rejects” board.

    btw, I love the social media footer on your blog posts. It looks a little like mine, only better. Is it new?


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