Friday Fragments

It’s just another random Friday (Friday Fragments)

It’s just another random Friday… wish it were Saturday… that’s my fun day… (yes, I’ll stop now)

  • So this happened this week:
There’s a hole in the ceiling, dear Liza, dear Liza…
All this is thanks to a backed-up garbage disposal in the apartment upstairs.
Our ceiling is supposed to be completely patched up by the end of today,
which is what they said Wednesday.
Guess who’s not holding her breath?

  • For those of you who stopped by last week and are wondering how I made out with Rick (oh, how I wish that were literal), you can see for yourself here.
  • Tuesday night Hubby and I went to a happy hour farewell for one of his colleagues and then headed to another locale to play trivia. During our (separate – we had both come straight from work) transportation between the two places, a storm to end all storms descended upon the city. Trying to find a parking spot, a tornado of trash crossed the street in front of my car. “I should just go home,” I thought. But I had already seen Hubby walk into the bar, so I continued searching for a spot that didn’t require a boat to get from my car to the venue. I finally found one and grabbed a cheapie umbrella from the backseat of my car. While waiting at the red light to cross the street, a crack of lightning tore through the sky close enough for me to feel the ground shake. I hurriedly collapsed my umbrella and ducked under an awning, thinking back to all the horror stories I heard about lightning electrocutions as a child growing up in FL. 
© Photographer: Goran Stojanovic | Agency:
image source

Leaning the umbrella against the building so that I could put my now-wet hair in a ponytail, I thought about how I would much rather be shot, stabbed, drowned, hit by a car – anything – than struck by lightning. And so, when the light turned green, I made a run for it (in my white t-sirt and flip flops). I got to the bar soaked – but sans electric shock – and also umbrellaless. Between my momentary scare, my talk with the universe, my putting up my hair, and my rush to get across the street, I had forgotten my umbrella under the awning. I said a silent thanks to myself for having taken the cheapie umbrella instead of my Mary Poppins one and hoped that maybe I provided a homeless person with a bit of shelter from the storm (once the lightning stopped, of course).

  • Yesterday I got to enjoy seeing my friends’ kids cheerlead at summer camp. I am so appreciative that my friends share their kids with me and that their kids have grown so comfortable with me that I get unprompted hugs. My day always feels more complete when I’ve gotten to share a few minutes of it with a child or young adult. 
  • I also got to see (via Facebook) my five-year-old niece read a book all by herself. Talk about this former reading teacher’s heart swelling! I’m so thankful for the technology and social media that allows me to share in these special moments with my in-laws.
  • The start of Big Brother last night was super exciting. 

So was the fact that one of the contestants is the brother of Russell Hantz. So was the fact that Janelle and Boogie are back! (Reality TV junkie, much?)

  • Hubby and I are off to spend this evening laughing with Joan Rivers. It’s no Rick Springfield concert, but I’m admittedly pretty stoked.
Happy Friday the 13th, y’all, and have a great weekend!
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5 thoughts on “It’s just another random Friday (Friday Fragments)”

  1. The hole in your ceiling reminded me of two. When I was married the first time, we had the same situation in our apartment. This time around, many years later, with my current and final husband (only my second, thought I should make that clear), we had an issue with the tub in our new home. Water poured out of the kitchen light fixture. Like lightning, electricity and water (and crumbling ceiling in this case) freaked me out.

    Glad you didn't have a white T-shirt, um, situation, when you go to the bar!

    Yay for your niece! As a teacher, I have to know, what book?

    Joan Rivers is an icon. Let us know…


  2. I'm glad you made it to the bar okay, but I'm wondering how your soaking wet white-t-shirted self was greeted once you entered… and what efforts dear hubby made to dry you off and warm you up???


  3. First of all, I love people who use puns and I too am a 30 something who loves vampires. Also, I love Alligators so I immediately was drawn to check out your blog and I'm glad I did.

    How cool about seeing Rick Springfield. I had a similar experience last year when I got to see Pat Benetar for the first time.


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