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Red, White, and Blue (#iPPP)

Happy 4th of July!

I’m super excited to get my red, white, and blue on later today, painting my nails and making white chocolate-covered strawberry and blueberry kabobs. This past week, though, we’ve experienced red, white, and blue of a different kind…

Red was the color of my face while watching Ryan Lochte take on Michael Phelps. Whether I was flushing from nerves or Lochte’s hotness is still up for debate.

White was the color I saw when peering over the bed. All lady-like behavior goes out the window when trying to stay cool in the 110-degree weather.

Blue was the color I finally decided upon for my new glasses. Even better than the color is that I can now see out of them.

Wishing you a safe and fun holiday!
PS. There’s still time to win: Comment on my 300th post by July 9th to be entered in a drawing for a $10 B&N gift card!


7 thoughts on “Red, White, and Blue (#iPPP)”

  1. Oh hai awesome glasses! I've never had to wear specs and that's been a sadness for me, because I think they make you look smarter and more sophisticated all at once.

    Ok, now explain the swimming obsession to me. I have so many friends who LOVE MP and I just don't get it. He's built like a creepy fish with legs!

    Thanks for linking up!


  2. Those glasses are too cute! But really, I want to come over for those kabobs. Oh my gosh, YUM.

    Is there any better reason to watch the olympics than the extraordinary hotness involved?? Oh, the skill? The talent? The hard work? Yeah….those too. 🙂


  3. you do realize that now Lochte is going to bring new visitors to your blog, right??? Oh, you were going for the Lochte groupies… I get it!!!


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