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Today’s post is brought to you by the number 3.

This is my 300th blog post in my 33 months of blogging! 

Blogging as a hobby, I usually save the stats analysis for the websites I have to maintain at work, but the other day I received a comment from a random visitor and wondered how she stumbled upon my blog. This led to a humorous discovery of keyword searches that have directed unknowing victims to my blog in the past six months, and of course, I can’t keep it to myself.

Okay, I get the actor and character searches because of those girlie lists I made. But WHO are all these people searching for Spice Girls lollipops, and why does MY blog come up in their search? After quickly Googling on my own, I found that – yikes! – yes, I did indeed blog about them once. Busted.

Other visitors have found my blog through weirder means.
c. thomas howell “deleted scene” “outsiders” “underwear”
If you want to see an outsider in his underwear, C. Thomas Howell is not the one I’d choose.
I know I’ve talked quite a bit about Patrick Swayze in The Outsiders, and I’ve even talked about my own unmentionables (wow, that Girl Talk group really got me into trouble), but how this particular search resulted in my blog – not once, but twice – is beyond me. Furthermore, when one puts this combination of terms into a search engine, my blog pops up in the top ten results. Awesome.

how long does a sprained thumb last
Never having had a sprained thumb, and given the fact that I have no idea how long one lasts, I hope this searcher finally made his or her way to WebMD.
Then there’s this gem that brought a lone visitor:
telling off quotes with
What does that even MEAN? Who am I telling off, and why am I using quotes? 
Wait a minute. *Gasp*! Does all this blogging about these searches mean that more Spice Girls lollipop sucking C. Thomas Howell fans with sprained thumbs are going to visit my blog in the next six months?! If this describes you, please leave me a comment and let me know who you are. I want to meet you.

If you’ve made it through this post, or any of my other 299 posts for that matter, you deserve a medal. Being that I’m a part-time employee for a non-profit organization, though, I can afford just one. So you’ll have to fight for it. Actually, how ’bout we skip telling each other off with quotes, and I’ll randomly pick a winner instead. Leave a comment on this post by 11:59 pm EST on Monday, July 9th. The winner will be announced during Tuesday’s post (7/10).

What are you playing for? A $10 gift card to Barnes & Noble!

Good luck!

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5 thoughts on “Today’s post is brought to you by the number 3.”

  1. congrats to you!!!!! how exciting-i'm so happy to have been able to read almost all of them too 🙂 way to go! ((high five))

    this definitely made me giggle, i'm going to have to check my list out!



  2. What an odd assortment of stuff that brings people to your blog. I've never looked at what brings people to mine, but I guess it isn't nearly as interesting! 😉


  3. I've never checked into the Google search terms that lead to my blog, but I'm sure it would be entertaining.

    Congrats on your milestone. I don't need a medal, certainly, but I'd love to win the giftcard 🙂


  4. Those are definitely some strange things to be able to find your blog! haha! I think my blog is so locked down that people cant find me… But I dont know, I could be wrong. 😉 Congrats on 300! I stumbled across it thru Friday Fragments! But, now I may just “follow” 🙂 Love the name by the way!


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