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Coloring Outside the Lines (#iPPP)

When I first started my art journal it was just something I was inspired to do by my friends. It was something I wanted to try and an opportunity to craft outside my comfort zone. In time, I realized that my art journal was also a great way to dial it down a notch on the stress meter.

I’ve been working really hard at trying to de-stress myself when I start to feel anxiety bubbling within. Exercise is a great way to work it out (pun mildly intended), but I’m not so good at dropping everything to take a jog with my Mii, nor will I probably ever be. I *can* usually talk myself into picking up a watercolor crayon or paintbrush, though, and so my art journal has become not a work of art, but a calming escape – a place to play and be blissfully imperfect.

This is a habit I have no desire to break.


10 thoughts on “Coloring Outside the Lines (#iPPP)”

  1. Oh, I love it I recent sat down with my kids' watercolors, and my daughter asked to hang the picture I made in her room. A stress reliever and an ego boost!

    What a fun and creative outlet! So glad to see you back this week, Cheryl!


  2. This is such a good idea to relieve stress.
    I have a notebook for our 5 year that she journal's pictures in and I keep one alongside her ^_^.
    She really likes to tell stories with her pictures.


  3. You go girl! As a long time art student many teachers and professors wanted me to keep an art journal. I hated it. Your words made me realize why: it was imperfect. It is so awesome that you have embraced that and gotten so much joy out out your journal. Cant wait to see what you have for next weeks iPPP link up.


  4. Oh, I love this! So creative. And such fun it must be to look back through the pages and see how you have evolved, how your emotions played into a particular page. Thanks for sharing!


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