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Project Life: Week 1

Y’all thought I gave up on Project Life, didn’t ‘ya? Surprise! I didn’t.

My original intention was to have a 2012 volume, but when I admittedly fell four months behind I decided to make my own rules, creating a first volume that starts with my birthday.

The title page is an enlarged 12×12 picture from my birthday dinner cut to fit the six 4×6 spots in the page protector. I then journaled directly on the photo using an American Crafts Candy Shop silver gel pen.

I kept my first week really simple. You can see the green painted inside cover. I used American Crafts Black Jewelry Box Thickers to create the month title on a piece of BasicGrey Obscure patterned paper. I used Pebbles Share & Tell journaling cards in Orange and Spring Green, as well as two freebie digital elements (source unknown) to create the journaling card on the bottom left of the left page and a birthday card I received.

After scrapping only the first week, I have already learned four valuable lessons: 1) I have to throw perfection out the window if I have any hope of sticking with this project; 2) I have to do a little at a time; 3) my plan for the page and the reality of the page will probably not be the same, so be flexible; and 4) it’s fine to look at other project life albums and get inspiration from them, but I have to do what works for me.

I obviously have some catch-up to do, but I can already see how meaningful this project is going to be.

1 thought on “Project Life: Week 1”

  1. It's definitely a great start Cheryl! I know I would never keep up with a project like this, and then I would feel guilty because I didn't … so I'm just sitting on the sidelines admiring everyone else's!


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