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Pinterest Show and Tell

A few months ago I discovered this wonderfully horrible time-suck known as Pinterest. I found all these amazing recipes to try, projects to make, and words to live by. Pinning quickly took place of tweeting, and just as Twitter eventually made me feel guilty about all the books I wasn’t reading or the manuscripts I wasn’t writing, Pinterest made me feel guilty about all the layouts I wasn’t scrapping and all the cookies I wasn’t baking.

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Last week, I finally popped my Pinterest cherry and tried not one, but TWO of the ideas that I had pinned forever and a day ago.

First up were cheesecake-filled strawberries that I made for an oneg. The filling was ridiculously easy to make (and it was DELISH), but the actual act of filling them was a bit more complicated. If I ever make these again, I’ll hollow out the strawberries a bit more and also use an actual piping tip. The only drawback was that the leftovers didn’t hold up well; these are meant to be eaten right after they’re made.

A few days later, I tried my hand at birthday decor made of photographs. This was a somewhat laborious project, but I absolutely LOVE how it turned out (if I do say so myself).

While I’m not masochistic enough to promise that I’ll use the inspiration from Pinterest to actually DO more in the future, the fruition of these two projects has encouraged me to hopefully have a few more show and tells before the year’s end. 

If you’re a “pinner” and want to exchange ideas that we may never try, you can follow me here.

2 thoughts on “Pinterest Show and Tell”

  1. I actually HAVE used a good bit of the inspiration I pin… and usually once I've done a project, I go and un-pin it, just to keep my boards fresh… something I haven't done in awhile… in fact, I haven't wasted any time on Pinterest in weeks… I feel a Pinterest session coming on!


  2. I am addicted to pintrest -_-. I went ahead and followed you on there too ^_^. I have so many things I've put on a list that I want to do off there that I know I'll sadly never get to lol.
    I love the birthday decor with the pictures ^_^.
    Just wanted to let you know too I changed my domain. It's now .


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