life update

It’s just another manic month here

“Busy” seems to be the buzz word around here lately…

I took on a few new freelance jobs (which means Starbucks is my bestie again).

Sunday school ended this past week. My kids created a Jewish Artifacts Museum for the big culture & food festival that our Temple held at the end of April.

They finished out the year making a Jewish heritage quilt to celebrate their own personal Jewish American histories. I love, love, love being crafty with my kiddos.

Hubby has been equally busy, getting ready to take over the Academic Skills Center at his college. I’m a super proud wife! We spent yesterday moving his office (which we have gotten alarmingly good at doing).

Although I am seemingly just as busy as last month, I have surprisingly (and happily) somehow managed to make more time for myself in the last few weeks:

I have been enjoying beautiful outdoor lunches…

fun reads…

good company…

the entertainment (and I use that word loosely) of D-list comedians (yes, that’s Pauly Shore)

my friend’s book festival debut…

using my kitchen again (FINALLY!)

and blissful “me” nights, complete with wine, art, and trash TV.

Yes, life is busy, but GOOD.

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