12 of 2012, goals

12 of April 2012

Had one of my goals for the year been to travel more, I could have crossed out that puppy in a hurry. As it were, my 12 goals of 2012 require dedicated time and attention. So how’s that going, you ask?

  1. Finish writing my novel. –> Finish? Bwahaha! Inspired to finish? Yes! Making time to finish? YES! I’m finally back to having a schedule, and while it can’t be as consistent as the one I had when I first started writing (I have to make a schedule on a weekly basis since my “life schedule” now varies week to week), it’s doing its job, helping me make good use of my time and keeping me focused.   
  2. Write. Period. –> This one I’ve had no trouble with. Though I can’t say I’ve been writing everyday, I can say that I’m writing a LOT. It’s mostly been personal writing – journaling and the sort – but it’s good putting pen to paper, no matter what the paper says in the end.
  3. Submit another article for publication and/or return to content writing. –> I had a few ideas for articles this month that wound up not being such great ideas once I fleshed them out, BUT at least my muse is starting to speak to me again. And in the meantime, I’ve been doing some content writing for the community paper I became Managing Editor of a few months ago. 
  4. Read 12 books. –> I’m up to four and am about to finish a fifth by the weekend (so right on track). Since my last 12 0f 2012 recap, I’ve read Ripper by Amy Carol Reeves (you can win a signed copy of her book here) and the first two books of The Hunger Games series, the third and final (*sniff*) book currently in progress. 
  5. Have more date nights with Hubby. –> They’re not always official “date nights,” but we have been spending a lot more time together thus far this year, despite my constant travels. This is a Good Thing. (The local restaurants and movie theater like it, too.)
  6. Try at least one new recipe each month. –> I’m officially changing this from a monthly goal to a year goal: “Try 12 new recipes.” I tried a new-to-me tzimmes recipe that I brought to a Passover Seder this past weekend. I, of course, didn’t make it the way it’s written because where’s the fun in that? I’m the girl who looks at a recipe and tweaks it before even trying it. In my version, I used only baby carrots and raisins, doubling the recipe, adding a few pinches of nutmeg, and omitting the zest and salt. It was delish.
  7. Make a decision about my Etsy store. –> Due to lack of time, I think this decision has sadly been made for me. Until I figure out how to make time – not necessarily for the production of items, but for the “business side” of things – to do it right, I’d rather not do it at all.
  8. Complete my scrapbooking WIPs: iScrap, Me the Abridged Version, and Everyone Can Write a Little. –> *Sigh.* I need a few days staycation to knock these out once and for all, especially since I want to create a second volume of Me and ECWL.
  9. Keep up with Project Life. –> Yes and no. I’m doing a really good job of taking the pictures, but a terrible job of getting them printed and put into my binder. Likewise, I’m doing well collecting memorabilia and keeping track of what I’ve done on which days, but not so great with writing journaling cards and getting it all put together. I found out by accident while having coffee with a local friend last month that she is a big Project Lifer. We’ve talked about getting together and Project Life-ing together, which I know would better keep me on track. Similarly, April and I have been talking about having a virtual Project Life crop to get ourselves up to date. Since I have a small break in my freelance work, I’m hoping to use the hours normally set aside for that to get caught up in the next week or so.
  10. Play with my Library of Memories at least once a month. –> It hasn’t happened yet, but I realized earlier this week how easily I can MAKE this happen. So watch out, Library of Memories! I’m coming for you! 
  11. Blog two to three times per week. –> This week? Yes. This year? No. Now that I am scheduling my time again, though, I’m hoping this becomes a “yes” for all the weeks that follow.
  12. Continue practicing Hebrew. –> Again, yes and no. I have fallen behind with my formal studying (I can’t tell you the last time I attended class), but I’m practicing reading pretty much every week thanks to Temple services, and having friends who speak Hebrew fluently is helping me pick up words and phrases.

The verdict? Not a great job of consistently keeping on track thus far, but it’s getting better, and now that I have a better handle on my time, I know it will continue to do so. Here’s to the productive eight months that lie ahead!

2 thoughts on “12 of April 2012”

  1. Every goal that you made progress on in the past year is something to celebrate – possibly none of it would have happened if you hadn't made the commitment to try! And I'm right there with you on unfinished projects. MeTAV is still in process although it hasn't been touched in a year. Same with Beautiful Evidence (a Jessica Sprague class) and several other old projects!


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