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Time flies…

…when you’re having fun!

Do I need to reintroduce myself as I emerge from my dark, dusty corner of the blogosphere? The past two months (I seriously can’t believe that much time has come and gone since last I wrote) have been quite the adventure:

Mitzvah Day
What do you get when you help organize 300 members of the Jewish community to participate in seven different service projects at the same time? A freaking awesome day.

Hubby, happy to help repair the world

This project, which took on a life of its own (as well as mine), was so worth all that went into making it happen.

An Unexpected Surprise
Lying on the couch the following Monday, trying to recover from the exhilaration (and exhaustion) that was Mitzvah Day, a pain that I had been feeling in my right breast increased in intensity. My hand absently wandered to it, and *gulp* I found a large lump that had not previously been there, at least to my recollection. Hubby confirmed that this felt new, and so I found myself as a boob panini (seriously, all I could think was “sandwich press” during the mammogram) two days later.

Thankfully, the lump was just some dense tissue that had probably always been there but that I was first feeling due to some weight loss (more on that later).

Fun in the FL Sun
Having dodged a bullet (or a tumor), I was even more grateful for the FL vacation I had planned. In Orlando, I helped celebrate my mom’s birthday…

watched as my Goddaughter was Christened…

caught up with dear childhood friends…

and spent a magical day pretending I was a wizard at Hogwarts.

Can we pause to talk about how awesome Butterbeer is?!
It tastes like cream soda with butterscotch…yum-O!
I took a small break from Hogwarts to have a staring contest with the Grinch.

Later, I went to Gainesville for a girls’ weekend.

with Leigh

And my trip ended with an amazing brunch in Jacksonville, where I finally reunited with a dear friend from high school, got to meet my very first online friend, and got to meet my online soul sister. Being with these beautiful women, whose lives I became privy to thanks to this blog, was a highlight of my trip and a reminder of why it’s so important that I make time for blogging.

Of course, that didn’t happen right away because once I got home it was time to celebrate Purim, which Hubby (somewhat accurately) describes as a cross between Halloween, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Mardi Gras. Hubby went as Steve Jobs and I as his hippie college groupie.

Another Curve Ball
Once I got back into my regular routine, I began to notice (and heard some subtle – and not-so-subtle – comments) that I had lost a lot of weight. Unintentionally. In a very short amount of time. Another trip to the doctor, I was tested for a thyroid problem, as well as diabetes.

The nurse butchered me while drawing blood.

The unofficial diagnosis? Stress. While undoubtedly grateful that it turned out to be nothing serious, I think part of me would have preferred an issue that could easily be fixed with a pill. (How American am I?) Instead, lifestyle changes need – and have started – to happen (but that’s a topic for another day).

Westward, Ho!
After being home for only two weeks, I was on the move again. First to Las Vegas for a work conference. (Woe is me!)

the view from my room
the Venetian resort
Rachel Dratch (from SNL) spoke at our conference and was HI-larious!
The gorgeous gold-medalist, Lenny Krayzelburg, also spoke.
(Sadly, he did not take off his shirt.)
And there were, of course, fun times with colleagues and friends.

Then I was on another plane to San Diego to visit my dad and stepmom…

Alpine, CA

…and finally on a train to Los Angeles, where I spent my birthday with several friends from high school who had helped celebrate my 15th birthday 18 years earlier. Talk about feeling blessed and grateful!

view from the train


Home Sweet Home
Now I’m back, back in the Cola groove.

I came home to a lovely birthday dinner with my local friends, followed by a date night with Hubby to see The Hunger Games. And now, I’m putting on my “Iron Chef” hat as I get ready for Passover.

In between my bites of matzo and calculating our taxes, I look forward to making the rounds and catching up with all of you. Chag Pesach Sameach, and/or Happy Easter, and/or Happy Weekend!

2 thoughts on “Time flies…”

  1. My goodness girl! That is one lot of “busyness”. I'm glad none of your medical scares turned out to be anything serious or sinister. And not to downgrade the whole losing weight thing, but sometimes I envy people who lose as a result of stress. I'm a stress eater… can totally pack on the pounds without even thinking when I'm stressed out. Hubby is one of those folks who can't eat when he is stressed.


  2. holey schmoley! That's a lot of travel and stuff happening. No wonder you were losing weight due to stress!

    Glad you're making some “lifestyle” changes to take care of that . . . so much more fun to say you have to slow down and relax instead of taking a pill imo! haha

    So glad you have a blog too . . . can't imagine how we'd ever keep up with each other without it!


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