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Friday the 13th Fragments

My brain is all over the place this morning, and while I have a ton of stuff I should be doing, I thought I’d take a minute to share my randomness with you instead. It’s not procrastination if it’s sharing, right?

Mommy's Idea
  • In less than 12 hours I am FINALLY going to see one of my favorite bands in concert. Can we say excited?!
  • As the above photo would indicate, I’m a little obsessed with iPhone photo-editing apps. Almost all the editing I do these days is on my phone. Weird and cool all at the same time.
  • I have been crying my eyes out this week watching the final episodes of One Life to Live. I know it’s just a show, but it’s one I’ve been consistently watching ever since I can remember, and it feels a little like saying goodbye to a friend.
  • BUT I’m super excited that four of my favorite characters are living on as part of General Hospital. I’m seeing my long-awaited Michael Easton – Kelly Monaco reunion in my future!
  • Because of an unfortunate incident with some really cheap black Halloween paint nail polish, I’ve been keeping my nails colored for the past few months while waiting for the stain to grow out. My latest color obsession is Cockatoo’s Mystery by L’Oreal.
  • I am the worst returner in the world. Two coats that unfortunately don’t fit came in the mail last month, and they’re still sitting in a box in my dining room. Similarly, a shrug I bought to wear over a dress is still hanging on my bedroom door after realizing that it doesn’t look good with any of the clothes I own. I think the moral of the story is that I should no longer buy that which I’m not 100% sure will fit or look good.
  • Our “Happy New Year!” cards are still sitting on my desk.
On that note, it’s probably time I stop procrastinating and start checking things off my to-do list. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

4 thoughts on “Friday the 13th Fragments”

  1. lol, this post made me giggle. you are too cute.

    i'm so happy that you are going to see evanescence!!!!! how exciting, can you believe i have yet to go to a concert, i'm totally a virgin 🙂

    i can't believe you watch soaps-lol, j/k, you probably don't want to know what i watch religiously lol!

    i love that you love your i-phone, i got it for hubby for christmas and i'm totally not falling for it yet…i'm going to have to steal it and download some apps to see if that convinces me. for now, it's just lil ol me and mr.droid!

    i'm hysterical about your nail incident because i experienced something similar-we have this ink to do controls on one of the glucose machines at work and it got on my nails, blue. nice right? i since then have also been painting my nails-i dont have an amazing color like you, mine is just plum lol!

    if the cards do not say 2012, mail em out next year 🙂

    ttys! enjoy the show!



  2. Have a great time at the concert. I'm resistant to putting everything I need to know in one little thing that is so easy to lose—or have stolen.

    My camera is MIA, and I'm so torn about buying a new one. I keep thinking that as soon as I buy another, mine will turn up.


  3. I was a religious Days of Our Lives watcher, but I also watched General Hospital for a while, so I wonder if I know what reunion you're talking about . . . or if I'm clueless still! haha! It's good to catch up with you on your blog, even if I am weeks behind! 🙂


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