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Jumping in with both feet

I have long since admired the art journals of my very talented friends, such as Cheri, Margie, and Sarabeth. Drooling over their beautiful pages, I secretly longed to start an art journal of my own. Too bad you’re not artistic, I told myself. For reasons unknown, I woke up this morning with a totally different attitude. I want to start an art journal, I said. I knew exactly what I wanted to journal; I just wasn’t so sure how to create the background that I envisioned. So I took to the internet and found The One Minute Muse’s Aqua Crayon video tutorial, went to Michaels to grab some supplies, stepped out of my comfort zone and played.

First, I colored the paper haphazardly
with water soluble wax pastels
(aka aqua crayons).
Next, I water brushed the paper to blend colors
and give the page a more “painted” look.
I added a stamp and my journaling, and voila,
the final product!

My page in no way compares to those of my friends, but the true beauty is in the fact that I don’t care. I love how spontaneous and imperfect I allowed myself to be in exchange for a creative, fun, and therapeutic outlet that captures less of what I do and more of who I am.

art journal: Strathmore Windpower Watercolor 6″x9″ pad; water soluble wax pastels: Reeves; stamp: Treasures by Shabby Chic; ink: Rubber Stampede in Royal Blue; text: Dymo paper labels; letter stickers: unknown

4 thoughts on “Jumping in with both feet”

  1. i love it!!!! it's perfect and it's you. there is no right and wrong-there is only YOU! way to go my dear bf-can't wait to see some more!

    enjoy your week!



  2. I have to echo your other art journaling friends – the beauty of it is that there is no right or wrong – just art, just play, just creative therapy for it's own sake. and your first page is gorgeous. Keep going!


  3. I love what you made, way to get brave. My brain has been dabbling w/ art journaling, but I am not a draw-er either. I did play with some backgrounds & words in noteshelf, but I need to get myself a book to start in or something. and just start!


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