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My mojo’s back and there’s gonna be progress…

This is the face of happiness.

Hey na, hey na, my mojo’s back!

Hi, friends. I hope all of you in the US had a great Thanksgiving holiday. Mine was GLOR-I-OUS. The actual holiday was wonderful (more about that tomorrow), but the mental break the extended weekend provided was truly priceless. As I alluded to last week, I haven’t really felt like myself for most of this past year. A big part of that has been due to physical reasons beyond my control, but the other smaller part was admittedly attitude. Now that the physical stuff is quickly improving, so is my mental state. I’ve thankfully started seeing glimpses of myself in the past week, and I felt as though my old self finally fully emerged over the Thanksgiving break. In addition to simply enjoying feeling good, I also found my very lost mojo. I’m embarrassed to admit that I think I accomplished more over the four-day weekend than I have the entire year:

I read over half a book. 
Guilt-free reading in the middle of the day 
is a luxury I could definitely get used to!
I wrote over 3,100 words. 
Granted, it’s to the sequel of a book I have yet to finish, 
but the important thing is that the characters are talking to me again 
(and I’m listening).
I scrapbooked one-third of my fall mini-book. 
This means perhaps it’ll actually be done before next fall.  🙂
Thank you for celebrating my small, but invigorating, progress with me. Until tomorrow…

3 thoughts on “My mojo’s back and there’s gonna be progress…”

  1. this is all such wonderful news 🙂 you look great by the way and i'm so happy for you! you are a wonderful person and deserve the bestest!!!!! hope to chat with you soon…
    remember i'm always here for you and i'm always thinking of ya chickie 🙂



  2. Yay!! I'm so glad working on another piece of writing has got you going again ^_^. Glad to see too that you're getting to do some other things you enjoy too like reading & scrap-booking.

    You've inspired me to pick up some of my sewing lol. I need to take a break from writing. Lately I've been working like a woman possessed to meet my own stupid deadline I set for myself 0_0 lol. Yeah…I'm not going to make it.


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