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"Wordless" Wednesday: Week in Review

Wednesday, October 26
enjoying a blissful hour of relaxation after a few stressful days

Thursday, October 27
boot season = a new nap locale for Mimi
Friday, October 28
no explanation needed

Monday, October 31
Cheryl who? There’s only Bellatrix Lestrange here (and a messy house).

Tuesday, November 1

Since my iPhone has become my new camera, I thought I’d link up here
and find some kindred photo spirits.

iPhone Photo Phun

10 thoughts on “"Wordless" Wednesday: Week in Review”

  1. If I'm reading these photos correctly, you are a fan of both Harry Potter and the Twilight series – I knew there was a reason I liked you! 😉 I've read all the books, but haven't worried about seeing the movies.


  2. That is a BRILLIANT costume idea that I'm upset I didn't come up with for myself. Maybe next year I'll force the boy to be Harry Potter so we can have a theme….but I'm probably too lazy.


  3. Awesome costume!! I'm jealous…I don't think I'll be able to go to opening of Breaking Dawn. It's my daughter's 3rd birthday so I doubt I'll be able to step away.


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