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Happiness is… (the Labor Day edition)

… catching up with an old friend and meeting an online friend for the first time.
yours truly with Leigh and Stacie of Whimsical Fic-ery at the Decatur Book Festival
… getting to meet an author you adore and having the opportunity to tell her that she’s the reason some of your students became readers.
… spending time with your in-laws, who you’ve come to love as your own family, 
and snuggling with your nieces and nephew.
(not pictured because I was too busy enjoying their company to take photos)

3 thoughts on “Happiness is… (the Labor Day edition)”

  1. I never read any books of Margaret Peterson Haddix, but I bet that was a pretty exciting moment. I know I would be ecstatic to meet an author whose work I had read.

    I couldn't agree with you more; happiness is spending time with friends and family ^_^.


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