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Set It Sunday: Double Feature

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As my Set It Sunday post from last week vanished into thin air, I guess I’ll backtrack a bit (thus the double feature). My goal from two weeks ago was to write every day. Though I didn’t get to spend as much time writing as I wanted, nor did I write all I had hoped to, I did write, and that’s the most important thing.

My goal for this past week was to do one thing outside my comfort zone. I opted to take an in-person scrapbook-related class, which doesn’t sound like it’d be outside my comfort zone, but it truly was because 1) I hate going to things like that by myself, and 2) the class required me to use all sorts of tools with which I was completely unfamiliar. The experience was a bit nerve-wracking as I found myself fumbling with the easiest of tasks, but I survived and even had a bit of fun. Of course, the best part is that I have a handmade smash book that I can’t wait to use (and will share in a separate post).

Set It
This week I’m going to be participating in an online blogging conference:

My goal for the week is to actively participate, despite the craziness that has become my life (which is an entirely different post).
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PS. It will probably be another few days before I can start making my blog-reading rounds again. I finally gave up on Google Reader, which vehemently hated me, and am in the process of setting up my new reader.

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