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Etsy for Ava

One of the things I love most about the online community is the way it facilitates people from all over to come together for a common cause, such as

When my friends Amy and Kati heard about Ava Hunter, a little girl battling brain cancer, they decided to call upon all their Etsy friends to raise money for Ava and her family. It was an easy decision to participate: the only thing better than making something you love is making something you love for the benefit of others. Sadly, as Etsyians all over the South mobilized, Ava passed away. In Amy’s words (she said it better than I ever could):

In honor of Ava’s life and her family’s faith, we are continuing on with the Etsy for Ava fundraiser. Several Etsy shops responded to the idea and have also listed items in their shops to benefit the Ava Hunter Fund that’s already been established. Proceeds from the sale of these items will go directly to helping Ava’s family with whatever financial needs they may have.

Click the link below to be directed straight to the search results on Etsy that include all items in the 

Etsy for Ava Fundraiser

Also, help us spread the word! Feel free to use the “Etsy for Ava” artwork as your Facebook profile page, or post it to your blog. Email it to everyone you know. An easy way to get people directly to the search results is to use this address– That’ll take people directly to the items listed as part of the fundraiser (and it won’t take up your entire Facebook/Twitter status). :)

Thanks for caring enough to help bless this family as they walk through something no one should ever have to. Thanks for continuing to pray for them.

Sweet Ava

And, thank you to the following shops who have listed items:

Autumn & Everything After

Birds Eye View

Bubblegum Kisses

Gongy & Squish

Happy Lappy

Lisa D Jewelry

L.Tipping Paintings

Moon Lily Designs

Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox

Second Glantz Crafts

Snow Jeweler

Snugglebug Collection

Two Florida Girls

(And, it’s not too late to add your shop to the list. Want to participate? Click and comment on this blog post and we’ll get you all the detailed information about the fundraiser.)

If you’ve ever thought about buying something on Etsy, now you have a great reason to do so.

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