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Still Alive, Still Obsessed

I’m so sorry that I made some of you pee yourselves with my Chuckie story. Okay, not really. If it makes you feel better, your comments made me almost pee myself. Now, before any of you go feeling too sorry for my MIL, it should be noted that she, herself, is quite the prankster. Exhibit A: Last December, my SIL and SSIL borrowed my MIL’s car to hit the sales the day after Christmas. After cleaning out Target and Hallmark (the must-go-to stores), we decided to take a peek at Kohl’s. Imagine how stoked we were to get a parking spot at the very front of the store! We made several celebratory comments, and then refocused on hunting for sales. While we were waiting on the checkout line, we called my MIL to see if she wanted to meet us for lunch. She asked where we were, and we made plans to meet in twenty minutes. Bags in hand, the three of us gals were so happy we had only a short distance to walk. All at once (the reaction was so coordinated, you would have thought that we had rehearsed it), we looked up, gasped, looked at each other, and exclaimed, “Where’s the car?!” While my very-pregnant SIL freaked out about the car, my SSIL and I were freaking out about our Target and Hallmark purchases. (What? She had car insurance. My ten-dollar flannel sheet purchase was irreplaceable!) My SIL, the very smart woman that she is, decided we should call Hubby before the police – just in case someone was trying to punk us. And punk us they did. As Hubby described it, my MIL thought it would be hilarious to move the car while we were in the store. Hilarious indeed. So trust me, The Great Chuckie Reveal of 2010 was well deserved.  😉

And now back to my regularly-scheduled gobbledygook. (Seriously, is there any better phrase?)

Parts 2, 3, and 4 of my absence (there is a part 5, but that will come later), in no particular order, included helping a friend with a project, having my mother come to visit, and getting sick. Like plague sick. Okay, maybe that’s a slight hyperbole. Anyway, apparently there is this organism called a mold spore that floats in the mountain air whenever it’s moist. Like when it rains. Or snows. Or is humid. So basically ALL. THE. TIME.

Said mold spore and I do not get along. In fact, we pretty much hate each other. This year, we’ve had at least one knock-down, drag-out fight every month. Since I was unable to take sick time after just having taken several vacation days, the mold spore won for the month of May.

Yep, I just Photoshopped a crown onto a mold spore.
Yep, I need a life.
Anyhooo… this weekend, I was finally able to get back into all my latest obsessions (because as we all know, it’s not enough for me to just like something; I have to be addicted to it):

1. There is no show more perfect for a musical-loving geek like me than Glee. Moreover, it makes me so happy. Seriously, I challenge you to be in a bad mood while Schuester is rapping like much better than Vanilla Ice or rocking out with NPH.

I listen to all four soundtracks almost daily and usually re-watch the episodes online the morning after they’ve originally aired. Yes, my name is Cheryl, and I’m a Gleek.
2. My love of Glee has spawned a new obsession with the Spring Awakening soundtrack.

(Warning: lyrics in the following video are not for small ears.)

If Jonathan Groff’s voice was the last I ever heard, I’d die a happy girl.

3. Speaking of cute boys, it’s possible that I may have the tiniest online obsession with Ryan Lochte. As I’ve said before, this is entirely his fault. If he’d keep his shirt on a little more, maybe I wouldn’t look so much.

After being away from Twitter, I find one of my first thoughts to be, “OMG, it’s been like an entire day since I’ve read Ryan Lochte’s Twitter stream! Must. Check. For. New. Pictures.” Before you get all judgmental and start calling me a cougar, let me just say that at least I’m not one of these women who tweet how hot he is to his face. I prefer to swoon from afar. It’s slightly less creepy that way.

4. In two weeks, my affair with Eric Northman will begin again.

I finally read the new Sookie book, and while it was admittedly not my favorite, it did get me pumped for the new season of True Blood. Right now, Hubby and I are re-watching the second season, and I’ve been obsessively replaying the minisodes. When June 13 rolls around, I will be ready. Oh yes, I will.

5. The only explanation this last one needs is this: 30 days!!!

t-shirt image source

7 thoughts on “Still Alive, Still Obsessed”

  1. Eric?! Really?! I love him in the books, but the show… maybe I have to watch more 😉
    So sorry that King Mold Spore beat ya down, where's the Queen? She's slacking on her duties…
    Oh how I love thee Glee! I don't get to watch often because of my boys bedtime always interferes, but as soon as school is out, I believe we can skip bedtime on Glee nights and sleep in the next day 😉 hee, hee!
    And, OMG, I would love to meet your MIL! Can we trade?! My MIL doesn't like me, but she might like you 😉
    I'm so glad your around again!!!
    Hugs!!!, margie


  2. OK, your t-shirt with “You say 'obsessed' like it's a bad thing” made me laugh…and then laugh some more. My daughter gets obsessive about things and I told her we should get her a shirt like this. Thanks for the laugh!


  3. Stopping by from the Lady Bloggers Tea Party! This post cracked. me. up! Definitely looking forward to checking out more of your blog. I'm also a huge Gleek and when Mr. Shue did Vanilla Ice, I almost died! It's one of my top favorite Glee moments. Love him!


  4. Happy Lady Bloggers Tea Party! Love this blog! The target parking lot story is too funny. I love the detail and time you put into this blog…it looks great! Looking forward to reading more!


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