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Set It Sunday

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Take a Second Glantz

I hope everyone is having a great, safe holiday weekend. Obviously, three-day weekends make me lose track of the days, but it’s been so long since I’ve hosted a Set It Sunday, I decided that a day late is better than never.

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I’m not even close to being caught-up on my overstuffed blog reader, so I’m afraid that I honestly have no idea what you’ve all been up to this week. As for me, the last goal I officially set was to 1) spend 30 min/day purging my office, and 2) ready items for donation.  Check and check, though I still have a ton in my office closet that needs to be purged, so I will continue to spend a few minutes purging everyday until that office closet is nice and clean.

    Set It
    As this week gets underway, I’m still struggling to pull my head up from under the water, so I’m committing to a light load.

    1. WRITE. It has been weeks since I’ve spent time with my main characters. I don’t care how many words I write this week as long as I write something.
    2. To continue my purging efforts, I’m going to go through that big pile of magazines I’ve been saving for that one recipe I want to try – you know how that goes – clip and organize the articles I want to save, and bring the rest to the recycling center.
    3. When my mom was here visiting last week, we made a great dent in purging my clothing (it’s always easier to get rid of that ten-year-old t-shirt when you have an objective person making a face at you when you try it on), but I have a few more drawers to go through, so I’m going to continue my mission to trim my wardrobe.

    I have a million and one things to catch up on still, so I better go attempt to make a dent in my to-do list. Enjoy the rest of your long weekend – stay safe – and have a fabulous week.

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    Take a Second Glantz
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    1 thought on “Set It Sunday”

    1. I was up until 2:30 am clearing out my reader. I kept thinking, “Why can't I just hit 'mark all as read' and start over?” If you can do it, no one would hold it against you!


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